What are some good habits to practice daily?

What are some good habits to practice daily

Here are a few essential habits that will greatly assist you in your daily life:
1. If you want to be happier, do the following:
Speak with someone who is upbeat.
Write down some wonderful things that happened to you each day to express thanks.
Laugh – even if you have to coax it out of you. Endorphins are released just by laughing.
For 20 minutes or longer, move your body (walk, exercise).
Spend 30 minutes a day on a calming hobby that you enjoy.
2. If you want to be more effective at managing stress, do the following:
Deeply inhale and exhale for at least two minutes. Concentrate on your breathing.
Stretch different regions of your body for ten minutes.
Listen to something comforting and distracting (for example, music) that is unrelated to whatever is causing you tension.
Take a five-minute break from the source of stress (excuse yourself from a meeting, take a break from a project, leave a fight).
3. If you want to be more self-assured, do the following:
Make a list of three qualities you admire in yourself. Read those three sentences aloud. Do this on a daily basis.
Straighten your back. Allow your arms to hang freely at your sides.
Before you enter an intimidating scenario, write down your thoughts/words.
You will feel more confident if you are well-prepared. If it’s okay with you, bring cheat sheets.
4. If you want to grow spiritually, do the following:
Read a spiritual text for 15 minutes every day (Bible, spiritual book, spiritual workbook.)
Join a community of people who share your interests and can teach and encourage you.
Write about how a person you met that day could help you along your life’s path.
Perform one considerate act of kindness for someone you don’t know.

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