What is the meaning of Spirituality?

What is the meaning of Spirituality

Spirituality meaning in Marathi – अध्यात्म

Spirituality meaning in Hindi – आध्यात्मिकता

Spirituality meaning in Kannada – ಆಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮಿಕತೆ

Spirituality meaning in Gujarati – આધ્યાત્મિકતા

Since the dawn of time, people all over the world have been asking what spirituality is, and there has yet to be a definitive description. 

Many philosophically minded people have come up with various theories and explanations about what spirituality is, and some of them are worth further investigation and explanation. 

This article is about bringing as many perspectives as possible together, as well as my own thoughts and ideas about what spirituality is, in order to come up with the best possible explanations.

Spirituality doesn’t really have a specific definition, it can actually be defined in many ways. This is probably one of the reasons why this has become such a controversial topic. 

Few people have associated this term with new-age hippies, cults, religions, belief systems, dogmas or other traditions around the world. Well, surprise surprise spirituality is none of that. In fact, it is the exact opposite of what you shall discover in just a moment.

One of the best and probably most comprehensive ways of describing spirituality that I came across is by defining it as the process of making the mind free from fears, worries and non-stop thinking and experiencing inner peace and bliss in one’s everyday life.

In a way, spirituality is about making peace with the universe. It’s about accepting the facts as they are and trying to live in harmony.

Spirituality is about training yourself to be less reactive to the events happening in your life by freeing yourself from the monkey mind. Some of the most effective spiritual practices involve meditation, yoga, self-inquiry as well as psychedelics and deep breathing.

Spirituality is the process of awakening from ordinary consciousness, rising above the ego and awakening to a wider consciousness. It can mean expanding the mind beyond its limitations, thoughts and limited viewpoints about life and the universe besides that spirituality are oftentimes associated with metaphysics. 

In a way, these words are synonyms because the quintessence of spirituality is asking deep metaphysical questions about reality such as: 

What is thought?

What is ego?

Where did the universe come from?

Why am I here?

What is reality?

and so on.

Spirituality is nothing more than a philosophy which in fact is another good synonym you see by being spiritual doesn’t mean that you’re subscribing to a certain belief system it’s the exact opposite of that.

 You’re trying to deconstruct everything that you know by questioning the very nature of reality. Let’s take materialism as an example here 99.9% of the people on this planet believe the world is a material place because it seems that way. Nobody has ever risen the possibility of that being nothing but a mirage. None of your friends, co-workers, teachers or family members has ever questioned if that is actually true and yes that’s exactly right.

None of them did so because they are not spiritual, they’ve accepted and taken for granted every bit of information as if it was given to them and instead of accepting other ideas and treating them as your own.

Spirituality done properly is the investigation and questioning of those ideas at first. It might not seem that way but real spirituality is about questioning and exploring the deepest truths of the universe with the ultimate purpose of aligning yourself with the divine by making yourself free from fears, worries and living in the present moment.

To further clarify this aspect how about diving a little bit deeper into what spirituality is not I believe the main reason why there are so many misconceptions about this topic is just that people don’t take enough time in researching this incredible field.

It is much easier to dismiss something by demonizing it and calling it a cult, a religion, belief system or new age nonsense than taking the actual time to think and to investigate all these ideas.

The first point I want to make is that spirituality is not the same as religion because spirituality doesn’t involve blind faith, obedience to authority or following the rules on the contrary real spiritual people are most likely on their own.

Furthermore, spirituality doesn’t mean filling your mind with beliefs or fantastical ideas such as world, the peace it is not about holding ideologies about the world on the opposite, it is the acceptance of facts and the embracement of the truth exactly as they are given.

And lastly, Spirituality is not about worshipping anybody, not a god not gurus and not even ideas at the core of it real; Spirituality done properly is a very deep pursuit that doesn’t involve any authority, figure.

So this is what spirituality is! 

Now I hope you have a better understanding. At first it might not seem that way but spirituality is also very practical because this field deals with abstract things. People have a hard time grasping the benefits of such big ideas because these things are not normally experienced by most human beings. Learning about yourself, deconstructing your old beliefs, asking deep metaphysical questions about the universe and contemplating about life is what is going to ultimately make you happy in life.

Living in harmony for the rest of your life without any worries or fears is possible as long as you’re serious enough and you dedicate the right amount of time to doing this work. 

Let me know in the comments down below where you find yourself on the spiritual path lastly. It is the right time for you to grow and to continuously expand your consciousness. Explore all sorts of deep metaphysical questions about reality.

10 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

Have you experienced Spiritual Awakening?

Well! Before moving to the Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms let’s define what is spiritual awakening.


A spiritual awakening occurs the moment a person can stand back and “awake” to their life with a new sense of being in this world, whether you term it “nirvana,” “enlightenment,” or “bliss.”

Spiritual awakenings might be unsettling at first, as they frequently prompt us to ask questions such as, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” When we find ourselves suddenly feeling very much alive, there might be a sense of amazement and enthusiasm.

Are You Experiencing Any of These Things?

10 physical and non-physical signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening that many people are experiencing right now spiritual awakening refers to a shift in consciousness and perception of reality.

It’s an understanding and recognition of oneness with all existence all that is good and all that is perceived to be bad. The law of polarity states that everything has two poles: love and hate, good and evil, up and down. 

One does not exist without the other forces. Come in pairs both negative and positive. Everything in the universe has an opposite and those opposites have the ability to teach us many things about ourselves.

If you’ve been experiencing the negative side of this law, you can rest assured that major life-changing events are designed to wake up the positive within you. 

They expand the consciousness, shift the perception and rebirth the soul. But, awakening and ascension is not generally overnight process. It’s the initiation of a spiritual path that may create many different awakenings; in fact, many people look back and realize their awakenings have been happening for some time even if they haven’t realized it until most recently.

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