Know which Month of 2022 is Unlucky according to your Zodiac

 Everyone’s time is not always the same. With the change in the movement of the planets, time also keeps on changing. 

According to astrology, some months will be auspicious for all the 12 zodiac signs in 2022, then some months are going to be bad. Astrologer knows from Dr Arvind Mishra which months can be unlucky for you in the year 2022, in which there is a need to be careful.

Everyone wants to make a fresh start in the new year so that the bad memories of last year can be forgotten. 

For a few months of the year according to the planets and constellations are very favourable, but there are some months when we need to be very careful.

Know which Month of 2022 is Unlucky according to your Zodiac

Know which months can be unlucky for you in 2022, in which you need to be careful.

Aries: January, the first month of the year 2022 is challenging for the people of Aries because for this zodiac the Sun will be in the 9th house. Apart from this, many types of problems may also have to be faced in March and April.

Taurus: The months of May, October and December are not auspicious for the people of Taurus because the movement of the Sun will create turmoil in the lives of the people of this zodiac in these months.

Gemini: The month of January 2022 for Gemini zodiac holders will be difficult. Apart from this, in the months of February and November also, the people of this zodiac are recommended to stay alert.

Cancer: The second month of the year 2022, February will be more difficult. The people living in the relationship may have to face problems with the life partner due to misunderstanding.

Apart from this, the people of this zodiac should also walk carefully in June and December.

Leo: For the people of Leo zodiac, in the new year 2022, apart from January, the months of March and July will be difficult. False allegations can be made due to the Sun in the sixth house. There is a possibility of a loss of honor.

Virgo: For Virgo people, the Sun in the sixth house will cost more in the month of February. 

Apart from this, you will be disappointed if you do not see progress in the months of July and August. There is a possibility of a loss of honor.

Libra: In the month of March, the sun of the sixth house is making some change in the job.

Apart from this, the months of May and September will also be full of financial troubles for the people of Libra.

Scorpio: April 2022 will be the worst month. Life stress of married people stays full. If unmarried people want to express their love, then this month is not favorable for it. Apart from this, the months of June and October will also not be auspicious.

Sagittarius: The three months of May, July and November will be bad for Sagittarius.

Luck will not support you, also you will not be able to make decisions in love life or work will suffer during this month.

Capricorn: The month of June is going to be the worst for the people of Capricorn. The Sun in the eighth house is indicating some unforeseen event. The months of August and December are also considered inauspicious.

Aquarius: July 2022 will be no less than an exam for Aquarius. For those who are in a relationship or dating, this month can be difficult.

Pisces: The months of February and October will be unlucky for the people of Pisces zodiac. You will struggle to be positive without getting discouraged. Although you will feel that you are lost, you need to be patient.

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