What are some scientifically proven facts about intelligent people?


What are some scientifically proven facts about intelligent people

These are some of the known scientific facts about Intelligent people:

✔️ Staying up late is an indication of high intellect, as it indicates that their brain activity is boosted at night.

✔️ Being funny and having a good sense of humour are both indicators of intelligence.

✔️ More than half of the world’s population has average intelligence.

✔️ Intelligent people are always curious about the world.

✔️ Intellectuals go to bed and wake up late.

✔️ People that are very intelligent have fewer friends than ordinary people.

✔️ Self-talk is a hallmark of advanced intelligence.

✔️ They have a greater sense of self-doubt than uninformed people.

✔️ They have an open mind.

✔️ Traditional values are less likely to be upheld by them.

✔️ Intelligence is not determined by grades or age.

✔️ Worrying excessively is linked to high intelligence.

✔️ People who are intelligent are less prone to engage in conflict. They pay attention to everything but rarely say anything.

✔️ They are excellent liars, as covering up lies necessitates numerous sophisticated calculations.

✔️ Socially uncomfortable people are highly clever.

✔️ Intelligent people have a higher level of loyalty than others.

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