If doing good bring good then Why Do Good People Suffer?

We have must have been told by our elders that if we do good we receive good. If we say good is happening to somebody or bad is happening to someone, we are actually jumping to the conclusions.

Swami Mukundananda says that in the spiritual realms “God is the Judge and there is no question of any injustice out there”. So have faith that the universe is benevolent. 



If doing good bring good then Why Do Good People Suffer

Let us understand this philosophy with an example.

Once upon a time, there was an elderly Zen farmer. Every day, the farmer employed his horse to assist him in working his fields and maintaining the health of his property.

However, the horse bolted one day. “We’re really sorry to hear this,” everyone in the village said. “It’s a stroke of terrible luck.”

“Bad luck or Good Luck, God knows”  the farmer replied.

The villagers were perplexed, but they chose to disregard him. After a few weeks, the farmer looked up one afternoon while working outside and saw his horse coming toward him. 

The horse, however, was not alone. The horse was bringing a large herd of horses back to him. As a result, the farmer now had ten horses to assist him in working his crops.

“Wow!” said the villagers as they congratulated the farmer. “What a stroke of luck!”

“Good luck or Bad Luck, God Knows?” the farmer replied. 

The farmer’s son came over a few weeks later to visit and assist his father on the farm. The farmer’s son slipped and fractured his leg while attempting to tame one of the horses.

“How dreadful,” the people exclaimed as they passed by to commiserate. “It’s a stroke of terrible luck.”

“Terrible or Wonderful, God Knows?” the farmer said again.

The farmer’s son was still healing a month later. He couldn’t walk or do manual labour to assist his father on the farm.

Every able-bodied young man in town was conscripted by an army regiment marching through town. When the troop arrived at the farmer’s house and saw the small boy’s broken leg, they marched right by him and left him because of his disability.

Of course, everyone in the community exclaimed, “Amazing!” This is incredible good fortune. You’re quite fortunate.”

And you’ve already heard the farmer’s response…”God Knows?”

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

Similarly, it seems sometimes that those who are apparently bad are finding a good life but that is not the case.

In the spiritual realm, God is the Judge.

There can be injustice in the court because the judge is not all-knowing. But in the case of God, he is all-knowing. He knows what everybody has thought at every moment. 

So, God is the Witness, God is the Decision Maker. 

There is no question of any injustice out there.

When we say bad things are happening with good people, remember the really good thing is to develop a love for God. 

If God gives us hardship, it may be to our eternal benefit. 

That is why Kunti Devi said, “Oh God Give me misery so that I can grow in my devotion for you.”

Saint Kabir said, 

“Sukh ke maathe sil pare naam hiye te jaye

Balihari va dukh ki jo pal pal naam rataye”

when worldly happiness came to his door Kabirji said “I don’t want it, give me that hardship that purifies my soul.”

So have faith that the universe is Benevolent. If we become good, if we do good, we will always get good results. 

Let us know what do you think is Life fair with us?

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