Les Brown eye opening Speech Will Change your Life

This Les Brown’s eye-opening Speech Will Change your Life

Les Brown'S eye opening Speech Will Change your Life

Hello readers, in the success article you will read the spectacular life-changing speech of Mr Les Brown where he discusses his struggles and the burning desire he had to achieve his goals. 

Who is Les Brown?

Les Brown is a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of the Les Brown International Institute of Leadership. Les has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, The Today Show and many other TV programs.

In the words of Les Brown:

You’ll go through things and not understand why they’re happening to you while going through them, but once you’ve gone through them, you’ll look back and say, “Oh, now I see why I needed that lesson.”

My heart began to race and tears welled up behind my eyes as my teacher spoke, and I was in the back just listening to him because the speech he was giving was for me.

How many of you have considered doing something you wanted to accomplish but never followed through?

When you’re 49 years old and have worked at the same job for 17 years and are told you’ve been dismissed and given a week’s severance, you have to start over.

It’s difficult to handle the tragedies of life when you’re married and raising children and your husband dies unexpectedly; it’s difficult to handle the tragedies of life when you’re working on something and putting all you have into it, only to lose your money and other people’s money.

It’s difficult; it was difficult when I lost my job and couldn’t find another; it was humiliating and embarrassing to borrow money and then be unable to repay it.

It was difficult, difficult when you have to deal with those difficult situations close at hand, making those difficult decisions you don’t want to make right now, learning those things you don’t want to learn, but you know that in order to get where you want to go, you must jump through these hoops.

And I’m telling you, whatever you have to do, do it now with all your might.

You must have faith in order to persevere during difficult circumstances.

You must have faith in yourself, your abilities, your service, your company, and your ideas; without a doubt, you must have faith, and that faith gives you patience.

It will not happen as rapidly as you would like. Many things will happen that will take you off guard, and you will have to cope with them as they occur.

Not only that, but your faith and patience will motivate you to take action, and you must keep going forward. The Chinese bamboo tree, which takes five years to mature and must be watered and fertilized on a daily basis, is found in the far east.

The plant doesn’t burst through the earth until the fifth year, but once it does, it grows 90 feet tall in just five weeks.

The question now is whether it will reach 90 feet in five weeks or five years.

The explanation is obvious: it grows 90 feet tall in five years because the bamboo tree would have died in the ground if that person had ceased watering, feeding, and nourishing it.

People are coming out to talk to a guy who is watering and fertilizing the earth but not displaying any results, so what are you doing? You’ve been out here for a while, right?

People will judge you that way, so how long have you been working on this? How long have you been working on your dreams with no tangible results?

That is how people will treat you. And other people give up because they don’t see immediate effects or because it takes too long.

You have to keep doing it, no matter what.

Look at you, you got a position here because we were worried about how you were going to make payroll at those times when you failed and things didn’t work out.

I came to speak to people because I was having financial troubles in my own life and was behind on my payments and dreams, and I’m telling them that they can realize their aspirations as well. It was difficult, ladies and gentlemen, to pick myself up each day and believe that I could succeed.

There were times when I questioned myself and wondered, “Can I do this?” then something inside me shouted, “You’re the one, don’t give up on your dream by continuing to run.”

It’s a long shot from Liberty City, where I was born in an abandoned building on a floor without knowing my mother or father, to being here with you today in the Atlanta Dome, it’s a long shot. I didn’t have any college education that could be considered mentally educable, yet I persisted in pursuing my goals.

Don’t give up on your dreams just because they have been mentally branded.

I was downgraded from fifth to fourth grade and stayed there until I finished from high school. Despite the fact that I have no college education, I met a high school instructor who altered my life.

I was waiting for another pupil one day. “Young fellow, go to the board and write what I’m about to tell you,” he urged. He responded, “Why not?” when I said, “I can’t do that sir.” “I’m not one of your students,” I explained.

“If you want to do anything important in life, you have to be hungry,” he continued. I was in the back just listening to him since the speech he was giving was for me. My heart began to race and tears welled up behind my eyes as he spoke.

I informed Mr. Washington that I wanted to be a disc jockey, and he encouraged me to pursue my dream. “I want you to practice being a DJ jockey every day,” he stated. “However, I am currently unemployed,” I explained. “It doesn’t matter,” he said.

“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity than to not have one,” he stated.

I applied for a position as a disc jockey while working on my professional development. Mr Butterball, I said, “I’d like to know whether you have any employment at this jockey sir.” Didn’t I just tell you we didn’t have any employment yesterday? Yes, sir, but I know whether or not someone was laid off or dismissed.

No one was injured in the fire, he claimed. Get out of here now. I returned the next day as if I’d never seen you before. Hello, Mr Butterball, I said. How are you doing? He glared at me angrily and said, “Go get me some coffee.” I answered yes sir and went to get him some coffee; after a bit, I’d get their lunch and supper, then walk into the control rooms and take the disc jockeys and their food, not leaving until they asked me to.

While I was at the radio station on a Saturday afternoon, a guy named Rock was drinking while on the air. I was the only one there, watching him go back and forth through the control room windows, youthful, ready, and hungry.

The phone rang soon after, and it was a general manager who I answered. When I said hello, he responded, “Les, this is Mr Klein.” I stated that I am aware.

He stated that Rock is unable to complete his program.

I know, I said.

He asked if you could bring in one of the other DJs.

Yes, sir, I said.

I hung up the phone, thinking he must now think I’m insane. My girlfriend Cassandra told me to turn up the radio and come out on the front porch because I was about to go on the air.

I called him back after about 20 minutes of waiting. I told Mr Klein that I couldn’t find anyone.

He asked, “Do you know how to operate the controls?”

Yes, sir, I said.

Go in there and don’t say anything down here, he urged.

Yes, sir, I say.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those steering wheels. I put on a record called Fingers by Stevie Wonder. I knelt down in front of the turntable and announced, “Look out, this is Les Brown, your platinum-playing papa.”

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