How can students be more Self Disciplined in Exam Preparation

How can students be more Self Disciplined in Exam Preparation Spiritual Success In SS Blog (1).png

 Discipline is very important in any student’s life, especially if you are preparing for competitive examinations. To crack even the toughest competitive exam you need only 2 things dedication and consistency. But why Students are not able to maintain a high level of motivation always. 

All students start the preparation with so much motivation of doing something big. They make To Do List, build a strategy for cracking the examination, and start working towards it. But after a few months into the journey, the motivation fade away, the strategy doesn’t seem to work out, you are not consistent with your studies and you slowly go into your comfort zone again. These things are common with almost every student. 

So the question here is how to maintain that self-discipline for a long period until we reach our goal which is passing the competitive exam in this case.

Before reading the solution below, take a pen and paper and write down the 5 things you cannot maintain discipline in your studies. We all know WHY we are not able to do something which we want to do. There is always something that is either distracting us, demotivating us, discouraging us, or making us feel low, the excitement level that we used to feel when we started our preparation is not there anymore. 

So write down all the possible things that you think could be a reason for this problem.

To understand the root cause first of all we need to understand how our mind is working. There is a part of your brain which is called the orbitofrontal cortex. It has nothing to do with your exam preparation and goals; it only wants sensory pleasure in whatever possible ways. Its main function is to keep your pleasure and make you feel happy without doing the hard stuff or pain. It always seeks pleasure through your senses.

What if doing studies & preparing for the examination gives you sensory pleasure? Will you not be willing to do that more?

If this happens your mind doesn’t distract you, it’ll tell you to keep doing the same thing over and over again but this is not the case, right?

Your mind thinks that studying and preparing for competitive exams is hard and painful which is why you need to force yourself to do that. So, your mind is trying to divert you from the pain towards pleasure.

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