How can someone do this karma without being attached to the results?

 Performing actions without attachment to the results, as taught in Karma Yoga, can be challenging. However, there are several practices that can help one to develop the ability to detach from the results of their actions and perform them selflessly.

One way to practice this is by developing the attitude of surrender or offering the fruits of one’s actions to a higher power or to God. This can help to shift the focus away from oneself and the desire for personal gain, and instead, direct it towards serving a higher purpose.

Another way is to focus on the process of the action rather than the outcome. By being fully present at the moment and fully engaged in the task at hand, one can detach from the outcome and instead focus on the action itself.

Meditation and mindfulness practices can also be useful in developing the ability to detach from the results of one’s actions. By quieting the mind and becoming more aware of one’s thoughts and emotions, one can begin to recognize when attachment to the outcome arises, and learn to let go of it.

One can also develop the understanding that the ultimate outcome of all actions is uncertain and that we do not have control over the results. By accepting that the outcome of our actions is uncertain, we can detach from the desire for a specific outcome and instead focus on doing our best in the present moment.

It’s important to remember that developing the ability to detach from the results of one’s actions is a process and it takes time, effort, and practice. Reading commentaries or studying with a qualified teacher may help in understanding the deeper meaning of the Bhagavad Gita’s slokas and in how to apply these teachings to one’s life.

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