Is India Changing?

This incident happened a few days ago in the Delhi Metro.

A person named Shubham Verma was travelling in the metro when he saw the clean and mopped floor getting filthy.
A young boy, who was sitting in front of him with plugged earphones was taking out his water bottle from his bag when his tiffin box fell, and all his lunch spilled onto the floor.
The first thing that Shubham thought was that this is how the Metro’s floor is going to stay all day now. But the boy’s next step left him awestruck.
He tore out a page from one of his notebooks and picked up all the food from the floor. Hey, wait, it’s not over as yet.
He then took his handkerchief and wiped the floor clean, exactly as it was before the spillage. Our hero’s name is Pranjal Dubey.
In his Facebook post, Verma wrote, “ The nation doesn’t need to spend crores on seminars for Swachh Bharat (Clean India Campaign) but youngsters, who pledge to keep their country green and clean, just like Dubey.”
From reading this incident, what I perceive is that there were two heroes. Because this may have happened every single day, with someone witnessing such inspiring acts. But who goes home, recalls what he/she saw, and then share the same incident with others?
What we do choose to recall is- “Oh, XYZ place was so dirty… The government is doing nothing…”And so on, while somewhere forgetting our own responsibility.
In the end, to answer the question, I would hold my head high with pride and say- Of course, India is changing, and citizens like them are the propagators of this change

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