Priceless words and thoughts of Shri Krishna

Priceless words and thoughts of Shri Krishna
Hello friends, here we have written the best thoughts of Shri Krishna. These thoughts will inspire us to move our life in the right direction. You can start your day very well by reading these thoughts.
These thoughts make a positive energy flow in our body. How do you like this idea, do let us know in the comment box.

Best priceless words of Shri Krishna – Krishna Quotes

  • People say that you should bow before your loved ones but the truth is those who are your own never let them down.
  • It’s not okay to be too straightforward because the first tree that is cut down in the forest is the straight one.
  • The ultimate goal of the soul is to merge with the divine.
  • This happiness alone is the cause of your sorrows.
  • The happiness that appears in the union of the world there is sadness in it
  • But from the separation of the world Eternal joy comes from happiness and sorrow.
  • It is the action of a person or a living being that creates his destiny.
  • Change is the law of nature, yesterday belonged to someone else
  • Today it is yours, tomorrow it will be someone else’s.
  • Life is in this moment, not in the past and future
  • That is, life is the experience of the present.
  • Weapons can’t cut souls fire can’t burn it
  • You learn nothing from life If you think you are right all the time.
  • Always have your thoughts in this mind keep my attention at your feet
  • Whether I live in sorrow, whether I live in happiness, May your name always be on your lips.
  • One should struggle so much in life that you don’t have to give examples of others to boost your child’s confidence.
  • There’s only one way to know me, no one can know or understand me through my intellect, or my devotion.
  • Divinity is not just about being powerful but real divinity has the power in awakening others.
  • He who renounces his body remembering Me at the time of death
  • He reaches my abode. There is no doubt about it.
  • If you try, your troubled mind can be controlled easily.
  • If Someone who doesn’t appreciate you, you better be alone than stand with him.
  • Half of the miseries in life are born because of hope and expectations
  • Give up these hopes and you will see happiness all around in your life.
  • Souls are immortal, so don’t worry about dying.
  • There’s nothing like, conscious or unconscious, which can exist without me?

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