Positive Morning Affirmations to manifest Wealth

Money Affirmations 

You are truly limitless and your capacity to create wealth in your life is endless.

Read these positive morning affirmations every day and you will attract massive wealth into your life and achieve your dream financial freedom.

As I begin my day, I am aware of my power.

I am a powerful creator.

Today, I am attracting massive wealth into my life.

Today, I am a money magnet.

I deserve to be rich.

Today, I am incredibly abundant.

Today, I am grateful for everything that  I have and everything that I receive.

Positive Morning Affirmations to manifest Wealth

Today, money follows me wherever I go.

Today, money manifests for me in expected and unexpected ways.

Today, the prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.

Today, I spot numerous wealth-generating opportunities.

Today, HUGE passive income opportunities arise in my life.

Today, I get creative about new ways to make money.

Today, I have fun making money.

I love the process of creating wealth.

Being rich is my birthright.

I can have, be or do anything.

I am limitless.

My potential to be rich is infinite.

Money flows to me because it is a  reflection of my state of being.

I radiate abundance.

I love money.

I am worthy of wealth.

Today, I am in the flow of extraordinary wealth.

Today, I am attracting the wealth that I imagined in my wildest dreams.

Today, I am incredibly successful.

Money is attractive to me.

Money is my friend.

Money just works for me.

I am unlimited in my ability to generate money.

I am at one with wealth.

Today, my riches are increasing.

Today, I am achieving complete financial freedom.

My wealth shines from within me.

I am a winner.

I am gifted at making money.

I respect and honour money.

My money grows and grows for me.

Today, I celebrate my wealth.

I step into the Universe’s infinite energy stream of prosperity now and I am given the gift of wealth.

Today, miracles manifest for me.

Today, I feel deep gratitude for all the money I have.

Today, I feel deep gratitude for all the money that is coming to me.

I am grateful. Thank you.

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