10 unknown facts about Lord Krishna

10 unknown facts about Lord Krishna Why krishna is Blue Damodar Why krishna did not marry radha Krishna left Radha Krishna Wifes

Why Krishna did not marry Radha?

All of us grew up hearing the stories of Radha and Krishna’s love. Radha Krishna’s name symbolizes love. However, have you ever wondered why didn’t they get married?
There are different theories for why they never married, but we’ve chosen the most well-known ones so you can find your answers.
Radha was Cursed by Sridama: There are many stories about Sridama’s decision to curse Radha and Krishna. Sridama was one of Lord Krishna’s followers. He couldn’t comprehend why, while being a devotee of Sri Krishna, he still had to use Radha’s name when addressing Krishna in prayer. He refused to take Radha’s name before Shri Krishna.
He refused to take Radha’s name before Shri Krishna. He had the view that love is merely a façade and that devotion is above love. In addition, he found it difficult to accept that anything he offers to Sri Krishna, Krishna first gives to Radha Rani. Because of this, Sridama cursed Radharani to live without Krishna for 100 years.
Radha And Krishna are One: 
Marriage requires two persons, but Radha and Krishna were one soul; they were not distinct from one another and lived together without the need for a marriage to establish this. Rani knew that Krishna was divine and she loved him with devotion rather than lust like a devotee loves his Guru.

Why Krishna married Rukmini?

Rukmini Was Lakshmi’s incarnation. Lord Vishnu took on the form of Lord Krishna to put a stop to Adharma. Rukmini was also a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu’s spouse (read about Rukmini Devi temple). Being Vishu and Lakshmi, Rukmini and Krishna were destined to be together. Even though Radha was his childhood friend and he remained close to her, Krishna belonged with Rukmini.

Why Krishna married 16000 wives?

To be precise the actual number was 16108. Lord Krishna had eight main wives, who were called Ashtabharya. They were: Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra, and Lakshmana.
It’s very important that you learn the actual reason behind Lord Krishna having so many wives. 16,100 other wives, who were not his main wives, with whom he did not have any relations. Krishna is an Askalitha Brahmacharya, which means he will never get married or have children. Even though he was married many times, his intention was only in making the world a better place and not for anything sensual pleasure.

Why Krishna left Radha?

We all have seen in movies and TV series the eternal love story of Lord Krishna and Radha. There were many circumstances where Krisha had to go away from Radha to perform his duty(Karma)

At the age of 16, his Guru Sandipani made him realize what is the purpose of his life. First of all, he left Vrindavan and never again came back to see any of his relatives or the gopis or friends. Krishna left Radha because it was the need of the time, Krishna had to start a new journey, he had to perform his Karma for which he came to the world as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Krishna saw Radha for the last time and never again saw her again. When he was leaving he said I played this flute for you now I’m going and will not come back, so as an offering to you for the love, I give this flute to you and will never again play the flute again. He never again played the flute from then on it was Radha who played the flute after Krishna left her.

When we say Krishna we say, Radhe Krishna. Radhe comes ahead of Krishna because of their love their intimacy their romance caught the imagination of a whole culture in the entire subcontinent in such a way that we don’t say Krishna we say, Radhe Krishna.

They are inseparable even if they are not physically together. Radha felt that they are two bodies and one soul. She was completely devoted to Krishna.

Why does Krishna always smile?

You must have seen numerous idols, images, and videos of lord Krishna; the one that is common in everything is his smile. Even in the worst of worst situations, he keeps smiling. Krishna never does anything without reason, so there must also be a reason behind Krishna’s smile.  

It’s not that he could not feel pain or sorrow just because he was Lord Vishnu’s incarnation. KRISHNA encountered numerous difficulties since his birth, many demons even attempted to kill him, Kansa tried to harm him many times, he has to face separation from Radha and he had to leave Vrindavan forever living behind his parents, he was cursed by Gandhari for helping Pandavas in defeating Kauravas. 

Even though Govind was dealing with numerous issues, he always keep Smiling. This is beac no matter how difficult the situation becomes, KRISHNA wants you to understand that you shouldn’t allow your Situations to control you. Every situation good or bad is temporary. So  Keep your cool; you’ll figure it out on your own. The fact that the King of the Universes loves you is sufficient for you to be content in any circumstance. Keep smiling, Krishna loves you.

Why Krishna wears a peacock feather?

Lord Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the Peacock feather is the symbolic representation of the incarnation. 
Another story says that once Krishna was playing his flute in the forest. Listening to the pleasing music of the flute many Peacocks started dancing and wanted to offer thanks to Krishna. The head of the Peacock offers some Feathers to him. Krishna lovingly accepted the offering and put the father on his turban this is how Krishna came to wear Peacock feathers.
Peacock feather is believed to reduce the troubles in life and brings happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Why Krishna is called Keshav?

There are two explanations why Shri Krishna is known as Keshava:
1) According to the Padma Purana, Lord Krishna had long, silky, gorgeous-looking unshorn hair for which he was referred to as Keshava.
2) Kans tried to send many demons to kill Krishna when he was in Vrindavan, but they all fell short. Keshi was a strong horse demon that Kans sent to kill Krishna. The demon Keshi was killed by Krishna and hence he was named Keshav by the people of Vrindavan. 

Why Krishna is called Damodar?

According to Vishnu Purana, Book V Chapter V, because of the playful nature of Bal Krishna, mother Yaśodā used to fasten Krishna around his waist, she tied him to the wooden mortar, and being in a great passion, she said to him, “Now, you naughty boy, get away from the fence if you can. “She then went about her domestic affairs. As soon as she had departed, the lotus-eyed Krishna, endeavouring to extricate himself, pulled the mortar after him to the space between two Arjuna trees that grew near together: having dragged the mortar between these trees, it became wedged awry there, and as Krishna pulled it through, it pulled down the trunks of the trees. Hearing the crackling noise, the people of Vraja came to see what was the matter, and there they beheld the two large trees, with shattered stems and broken branches, prostrate on the ground, with the child fixed between them, with a rope round his belly, laughing, and showing his white little teeth, just budded. It is hence that Krishna is called Damodara, from the binding of the rope (dama) around his belly (Udara). This is why Shri Krishna is called Damodar.

Why Krishna is Blue?

Why Krishna is Black?

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