Do we have control over our destiny?

Yes, you have the ability to control your destiny, and you should since that is what it is to be human. 

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Every other organism in the world follows a set of compulsive cycles. It’s not a problem for them because that’s all they can do. 

In fact, if you examine your life, you will notice that you are not very different from the other creatures. They are born, just as you are.

You mature, and they mature as well. 

They reproduce, and you reproduce, as well. 

You die when they die. 

Nothing is drastically different, but we can consciously do the same things. That is the most important aspect of being human. 

If you consciously direct your hand, it will now do what you want. It will do what you desire if you direct your thought in a purposeful manner. 

If all you thought about was doing what you wanted, you’d be happy all the time. 

Your life would not be in pursuit of happiness if you were blissful. These things that others consider to be the most important in their lives – serenity and joy – would mean nothing to you if you were blissful. 

If that happens, your entire life will become much easier. 

You’re like a crouching tiger right now, always trying to get something. Nothing can be obtained. 

If you remain sitting in the Satsang without doing anything, you will think my life is finished; but are now at ease. It will become aware when it is at peace like way. Nothing matters to you now, whether it’s pursuing a career, getting money, or even being happy or falling in love, because you’re experiencing the ultimate level of pleasure right now.

What would you do if you had that kind of life? Naturally, you’d look into anything that isn’t currently on your radar. This is where the spiritual journey begins, and this is where you take control of your life. If you take command of your life, you will no longer be in search of happiness; you will no longer be worried about anything; you will no longer have a sword hanging over your head. You’ll give it you’re all in all you accomplish.

You know you’ll be OK no matter what occurs. Now that you are no longer vested in anything, you will automatically perform everything amazingly well. You will effortlessly complete the task at hand. You will accomplish what others consider a tremendous feat in a happy and lighthearted manner.

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