Lord Krishna Names for Baby Boy

Lord Krishna is known by many names, and these names reflect his various qualities, attributes, and divine aspects.

There are about 108 names of Lord Krishna and popular ones are, Govind, Devakinandan, Mohan, Gopal, Shyam, Ghanshyam, Hari, Baanke Bihari and Girdhari. 4. Once upon a time, Lord Krishna was against the orthodox form of worship of the Vedic Gods like Indra.

While it’s challenging to list every single name of Lord Krishna as there are countless variations, here is a comprehensive list of some of the most commonly used and celebrated names of Lord Krishna:

Here Are 108 Lord Krishna Names for Baby Boy:

1) Achala – God Without Any Change
2) Achyuta – Infallible Lord
3) Adbhutah – Wonderful God
4) Adidev – The Lord of the Lords
5) Aditya – The Son of Aditi
6) Ajanma – One Who Is Limitless and Endless
7) Ajaya – The Conqueror of Life and Death
8) Akshara – Indestructible Lord
9) Amrit – Elixir
10) Anandsagar – Compassionate Lord
11) Ananta – The Endless Lord
12) Anantajit – Ever Victorious Lord
13) Anaya – One Who Has No Leader
14) Aniruddha – One Who Cannot Be Obstructed
15) Aparajeet – The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated
16) Avyukta – One Who Is As Clear As Crystal
17) Balgopal – The Child Krishna,
18) Chaturbhuj- Four-Armed Lord
19) Danavendra- Granter of Boons
20) Dayalu – Repository of Compassion
21) Dayanidhi – The Compassionate Lord
22) Devadidev- The God of the Gods
23) Devakinandan – Son of Mother Devaki
24) Devesh – Lord of the Lords
25) Dharmadhyaksha – The Lord OF Dharma
26) Dravin- The One Who Has no Enemies
27) Dwarkapati- Lord of Dwarka
28) Gopal – One Who Plays With the Cowherds, the Gopas
29) Gopalpriya – Lover of Cowherds
30) Govinda – One Who Pleases the Cows, the Land and the Entire Nati

Lord Krishna Names for Baby Boy
31) Ganeshwar – The Lord of Knowledge
32) Hari – The Lord of Nature
33) Hiranyagarbha – The All-Powerful Creator
34) Hrishikesh- The Lord of All Senses
35) Jagadguru- Preceptor of the Universe
36) Jagadisha – Protector of All
37) Jagannath – Lord of the Universe
38) Janardhana – One Who Bestows Boons on One And All
39) Jayantah – Conqueror of All Enemies
40) Jvotiraaditya – The Resplendence of the Sun
41) Kamalnath – The Lord of Goddess Lakshmi
42) Kamalnayan – The Lord with Lotus-Shaped Eyes
43) Kamsantak – Slayer of Kamsa
44) Kanjalochana – The Lotus-Eyed God
45) Keshava – One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks
46) Krishna – Dark-Complexioned Lord
47) Lakshmikantam – The Lord of Goddess Lakshmi
48) Lokadhyaksha – Lord of All the Three Worlds
49) Madan – The Lord of Love
50) Madhava – Knowledge Filled God
51) Madhusudan – Slayer of Demon Madhu
52)Mahendra – Lord of Indira
53) Manmohan – All Pleasing Lord
54) Manohar – Beautiful Lord
55) Mayur – The Lord Who Has a Peacock Feathered-Crest
56) Mohan – All Attractive God
57) Murali – The Flute Playing Lord
58) Murlidhar – One Who Holds the Flute
59) Murlimanohar – The Flute Playing God
60) Nandakumara – Son of Nanda
61) Nandgopala – The Son Of Nand
62) Narayana – The Refuge Of Everyone
63) Navaneethachora – Makan Chor
64) Niranjana – The Unblemished Lord
65) Nirguna – Without Any Properties
66) Padmahasta – One Who Has Hands Like Lotus
67) Padmanabha – The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel
68) Parabrahmana – The Supreme Absolute Truth
69) Paramatma-Lord Of All Beings
70) Parampurush – Supreme Personality
71) Parthasarthi – Charioteer of Partha or Arjuna
72) Prajapati – Lord Of All Creatures
73) Punyah- Supremely Pure
74) Purshottam- The Supreme Soul
75) Ravilochana – One Who Eye Is the Sun
76) Sahasraakash- Thousand-Eyed God
77) Sahasrajit – One Who Vanquishes Thousands
78) Sakshi- All Witnessing Lord
79) Sanatana – The Eternal Lord
80) Sarvajana – Omniscient Lord
81) Sarvapalaka- Protector of All
82) Sarveshwar- Lord of All Gods
83) Satyavachana – One Who Speaks Only the Truth
84) Satyavrata – The Truth Dedicated Lord
85) Shantah – Peaceful Lord
86) Shreshta – The Most Glorious Lord
87) Shrikanta- Beautiful Lord
88) Shyam – Dark-Complexioned Lord
89) Shyamsundara – Lord of Beautiful Evenings
90) Sudarshana – Handsome Lord
91) Sumedha- Intelligent Lord
92) Suresham – Lord of All Demi-Gods
93) Swargapati – Lord of Heavens
94) Trivikrama – Conqueror of All The Three Worlds
95) Upendra – Brother of Indra
96) Vaikunthanatha – The Heavenly Abode
97) Vardhamaanah – The Formless Lord
98) Vasudev – All Prevailing Lord
99) Vishnu-All Prevailing Lord
100) Vishwadakshinah – Skilful and Efficient Lord
101) Vishwakarma – Creator of the Universe
102) Vishwamurti – Of the Form of the Entire Universe
103) Vishwarupa – One Who Displays the Universal Form
104) Vishwatma- Soul of the Universe
105) Vrishaparvaa – God of Dharma
106) Yadavendra – King of the Yadav
107) Yogi- The Supreme Master
108) Yoginampati – God of Yogis

These names capture various aspects of Lord Krishna’s divine personality, and they are often used in prayers, hymns, and in the naming of children to seek his blessings and grace.

Benefits if Name your Son after Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna Names for Baby Boy

Naming your son after Lord Krishna or using one of Lord Krishna’s names as his own can carry various personal and cultural meanings. Here are some reasons why you might choose to name your son after Lord Krishna:

1. Spiritual Significance:

Lord Krishna is considered one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. Naming your child after him is often seen as an act of devotion and an expression of your faith in the divine.

2. Blessings:

It is believed that naming your child after a deity like Lord Krishna can invoke blessings and protection from that deity. Many parents hope that their child will embody the qualities associated with Lord Krishna, such as wisdom, love, and courage.

3. Cultural Tradition:

Naming children after gods and goddesses is a common practice in Hindu culture. It connects the child to the rich heritage and mythology of the religion.

4. Positive Attributes:

Lord Krishna is known for his many positive attributes, including kindness, playfulness, and wisdom. Naming your child after him may symbolize your desire for your child to inherit these qualities.

5. Role Model:

Lord Krishna is often seen as a role model for his various roles, such as a loving son, a caring friend, a wise teacher, and a protector. Naming your child after him can be a way of setting an example for your child to follow.

6. Family or Ancestral Tradition:

Sometimes, naming a child after Lord Krishna may be a family tradition or have special significance within your family or community.

7. Personal Connection:

If you have a personal connection or deep spiritual experience with Lord Krishna, naming your child after him can be a way to honor that connection.

It’s important to remember that the choice of your child’s name is a deeply personal one, and you should consider what feels right for you and your family. Before finalizing any name, it’s also a good idea to consult with elders or religious leaders in your community for guidance and blessings.

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