Personal Experiences with Hanuman Chalisa

The Hanuman Chalisa, a sacred hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is not merely a collection of verses but a powerful spiritual tool that has touched the lives of countless individuals. Its verses, filled with devotion and praise for the mighty god, have the ability to inspire, heal, and uplift those who recite them with faith and reverence.

In this blog, we embark on a deeply personal exploration of the Hanuman Chalisa by delving into the experiences of individuals who have formed a profound connection with this ancient prayer. We will hear their stories, anecdotes, and reflections on how reciting the Hanuman Chalisa has impacted their lives, brought them solace during challenging times, and strengthened their spiritual connection.

From tales of miraculous interventions to transformative personal journeys, these personal experiences serve as a testament to the enduring power and significance of the Hanuman Chalisa. 

Story 1: By Sunitha

My personal experience with Hanuman Chalisa ::

In the year 2004, my 8 year old twin boys were sick and had fever for consecutive 21 days.

After 21 days their Viral fever was cured, but again after a week the fever came back. Doctor told to get the X-RAY of the lungs, and then it was confirmed they had Pneumonia, and doctor told to take more care of my boys and started the medication.

Daily they used to administer injection to my boys, I became worried as they lost 3 kgs of weight and became very very weak.

Then my mother told me to do the Hanuman Deeksha. The procedure is ::

  • The Deeksha comprises of 41 days.
    • Every day in the early morning , we should take head_bath and go to Hanuman temple on empty stomach and should do 40 pradakshinas, encircling of the temple chanting the Hanuman chalisa ( 40 lines of the Hymn)
    • And the last 41 st pradakshina will complete the day’s prayer.
    • Then we should eat Prasad in the temple, and later go home and light lamp in front of Hanuman deity, and later have our breakfast and do our daily works.
    • For consecutive 41 days, you have to go to the temple and do encircling of the Hanuman temple chanting the Hanuman Chalisa
    • You should not eat non veg and have to practice celibacy ( 41 day Deeksha duration ).
    • On the 41st day, if you wish, you can perform the Abisekham to Hanuman in the temple , and can even offer tulsi and wada Mala (wada is a south Indian recipe made with urad daal, mala means garland) to Hanuman.
    • In the 41 days duration , it’s for sure , Hanuman will come in your dream. Then, you can ask Him whatever you wish for.

And I had Darshan of Hanuman in my dream, but I was just spellbound on seeing Hanuman, I could not ask Him for anything 🙂

My twin boys recovered from the sickness, and by God’s grace have always been healthy.

** Jai Bajrangbali **

Story 2: By Ajita

My family has a practice of reciting Hanuman chalisa every Saturday and whenever we land into difficulties no matter how small or big it is! So my Grandmother suggested me to follow the same when I went for the biggest trial of my life- travel to Lord Shiva’s abode Mt Kailash -High altitude, tough terrain, rough weather. Grandma’s story is for some other time.

I am not very adventurous neither am I physically strong. The only strength I had in the long 14 km stretch was just my belief in Lord Shiva and the support of my fellow trip members, all were very kind to the frail kid of the big family! Some even forced me to eat even when I wasn’t hungry!

Last lap of 1 km, I gave up… My breathing was abnormal, I knew I wouldn’t make it. Remembering Grandma, I started Hanuman chalisa with Ram name… Slowly and steadily, I managed to reach the camp, the face of Mt Kailash, one of the last few ones to make it. The stationed doctor was measuring Oxygen levels of all the pilgrims (trekkers would be wrong here). On ground it was supposed to be 98 to 100% for all and decreases with altitude. At that altitude, BP shoots up and Oxygen levels down to 80s. Anyone near 80 to 85 was impressive and everyone had to take BP medicines.

Doctor took my records 2 times looking suprised ”What on earth did you do to get 94% Oxygen saturation? And your BP is exactly 120/80 completely normal without medicines?”

No one knew what happened. After all, Hanuman is Pavanputra, he can regulate the breathing as per Tantra!!!

Story 3: By Devidas

First of all JAI SHRI RAM and JAI HANUMAN to everyone. Lord Hanuman is the only God in this Kalyug who is most powerful and whose true devotees are always free from effect of Kalyuga.

Now coming to the story. I cant say this is actully related to Hanuman Chalisha but ofcourse with Lord Hanuman himself. My whole family worships Lord Hanuman and have full belief in him. It was the time when my Grandfather visited to my place from village. I had just completed my BTech 3rd year and was waiting for the result. As when my grandfather was leaving he was jam packed with lots of items which he bought for the family. My father seeing this asked me to drop-off him till village and return back. I didnt want to go as I was worried about the result and was requesting my dad to send my brother or he himself but they both were tightly busy hence no execuses worked out and I have to go ultimately.

We reached in night and next morning I thought of trying riding the bike as I just learned how to. And as result got hit by an auto and broke my right elbow ( as what village people said who saw the accident) because I didnt remember anything regarding that . When my parents came to know they started crying and immediately started for village. When my father saw me he said I knew that it will happenf but thank to Lord u r alive. He told that same night he dreamt of a big bat monster like creature chasing him and shouting that he will eat everyone in the family and he will start first with his elder son. After running hard my father fell down in front of one small tree which has the small statue of Bajrang balli. He immediately started reading hanuman chalisha. My father heard on voice and he is only able to see a big shoulder , long white hair and a wide back with a rudraksh garland tide around it . And the voice is saying keep on chanting Jai Shri Ram , I will kill this monster and will wipe out his neck just keep on chanting. Next moment my father saw him flying and another moment he saw the monster falling down. He woked up from the dream. And was a bit tensed about where it was related.

Now how it was a sign because when my grandfather went to the police station for the FIR against the auto wala, the police officer was shocked to hear that as the spot where I met with the accident , there was a track record of 15 years that noone survived the accident.

Thanks to Lord Hanuman that I am still alive. “ Sankat katte mete sab pirra Jo sumire Hanumat balveera…”

Story 4: By Dhiraj

1st experience, 2014. Flying from JFK to Mumbai with my daughter of 15 years, Was already late for the flight. Was supposed to catch the air France flight from terminal 1. Reached terminal 1 but realised was supposed to catch the delta flight from terminal 3 because of an oversight by me which is half and hour away from terminal 1. Only 10 minutes left for the checkinn counter to close. Was panicked could not afford to miss the flight at any cost as I am originally from Mumbai and was visiting my cousins in New York for a short time on my way from Ohio for business reasons. Used to chant Hanuman chalisa religiously everyday since the last many years. Suddenly remembered one verse from the chalisa, Sankat te Hanuman chudawe mankram vachan dyan jo lave. I prayed to him and imagined him standing in front of me in my mind. I said him to take me out of this helpless situation. Suddenly in a minute a black guy came to me and asked me my problem and I discussed the above situation to him, he asked me to remain calm and said he can take me to T3 in 5 minutes trough a special shortcut used only in emergency situations. We went along with him. He really took us through a shortcut which was deserted and not used by bona fide passengers. In 7 minutes we were at the check-in counters of T3 taking our boarding passes for our flight back to Mumbai. After i finished the formalities I turned my back to thank the guy but I could not find him anywhere in the terminal. The above incident happened to me in America and not india. After this in Mumbai whenever I have faced more impossible situations than the above I remember him and Request him to take me out of the problem. He has always helped me like the above. Jai Shree Ram.

Story 5: By Aniket

I ride a two-wheeler (Honda activa) everyday for 3 kms from my home to the bus stop to board my office cab and usually when I ride in the mornings I have the habit of chanting Hanuman Chalisa. On a particular day, while I was riding reciting the Mantra suddenly my activa skid on the road I fell with a heavy thud with my feet and hands bleeding. The road which I travel is also desolated in the mornings with only a few trucks and school vans passing by. I was lying there in the middle of the road with my vehicle fallen in a helpless state.

I did not even have the strength to lift the vehicle up and I just stood there crying. Suddenly from that desolated place a man comes and he lifts my vehicle , he borrowed a cloth from a nearby passing vehicle and rolled it around my bleeding wounds. He gave me water and he drove me to a nearby hospital in my own vehicle and got bleeding wounds dressed up. He then again drove me back to my home and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. He was a complete stranger but I felt he was God sent to help during that state.

I thanked him profusely and he told me he never usually comes in the road which I drive , on the particular day he simply thought of walking on this road and he came to my help at the right moment.

I really feel its the power of Hanuman Chalisa. God always shows his powers in such ways by sending help when needed to the people who always have faith in him.

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