Who wrote Hanuman Chalisa?

Hanuman Chalisa, a sacred hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, holds immense significance in Hindu mythology. It is recited by millions of devotees around the world as a means to seek the blessings and protection of this revered deity. While the Hanuman Chalisa is widely known and cherished, many often wonder about its origins and the author behind this timeless composition.

This blog delves into the intriguing question: Who wrote Hanuman Chalisa?

Unraveling the historical and mythological narratives surrounding this beloved prayer, we will explore the various legends and beliefs associated with its authorship. From ancient sages to renowned poets, several names have been associated with the creation of the Hanuman Chalisa. 

The Hanuman Chalisa is a Hindu hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, considered a deity of courage, strength, and devotion. The authorship of the Hanuman Chalisa is traditionally attributed to the poet-saint Tulsidas, who lived in the 16th century CE in India.

According to legend, Tulsidas was a devotee of Lord Rama, and he composed the Hanuman Chalisa as a way to express his devotion to Lord Hanuman, who is a prominent character in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The Hanuman Chalisa is widely revered and recited by millions of people in India and

around the world, especially on Tuesdays and during Hanuman Jayanti, which is the birthday of Lord Hanuman.

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